Siemens is a global technology company that operates in various industries, including energy, healthcare, infrastructure, and manufacturing. The company was founded in Germany in 1847 by Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske, and it has since grown to become one of the largest conglomerates in the world.

Siemens produces a range of products and services, including automation and control systems, power generation equipment, medical imaging and diagnostics equipment, transportation systems, and digital solutions for industries.

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Siemens BQD370


Siemens BQD370 is a circuit breaker manufactured by Siemens, which is a well-known and respected brand in the electrical industry. This circuit breaker is part of the Siemens BQD series of circuit breakers.

BQD370 is a 3-pole circuit breaker with a current rating of 70 amps per pole, making it a 210-amp circuit breaker, and a voltage rating of 480Y/277V AC. It has an interrupting capacity of 14 kiloamps (kA) at 480Y/277 volts AC, which means it can safely interrupt short-circuit currents up to 14 kA.